Thrive Informatix



Thrive Informatix offers, art of technology training on SAS Clinical & Statistical Programming Course as mentioned below & training is given by very highly experienced SAS Certified Advanced and Clinical Trials Programmer Version 9, who has 12 years of experience with various CRO, Medical Device, Pharmaceutical clients in USA in various positions. Our SAS Clinical & Statistical Programming structure as follows:

Module I

  • An Introduction to Clinical Trials
  • What are the Different Types of Clinical Trials?
  • What are the Phases of Clinical Trials?
  • What is Randomization?

Module II

  • Base SAS
  • DATA Step and PROC Step
  • Character, Date and Time, and Numeric SAS Functions
  • Array Processing
  • Conditional Execution of SAS code in both DATA Step and PROC Step

Module III

  • Advanced SAS (SAS/GRAPH, SAS/STAT)
  • SAS Macro Programming
  • Create and Access Macro Variables
  • SAS Macro Functions
  • Write Code Repetitive in Macros
  • Execute SAS Macros

Module IV

  • CDISC SDTM and ADaM Standards Implementation
  • SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • SME for eSubmission Software with proficient Implementation and validations